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7 airdrops for users of the Injective $INJ ecosystem will happen in Q1 2024

                                                               Potential 5000$
                                                               Potential 5000$

What to do to grab it all?

Injective, a blockchain built on Cosmos, integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with decentralized finance (DeFi). Despite the token's market capitalization reaching $3.2 billion, it has recently achieved a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $50 million.

With more than $56M in funding, Injective ecosystem is growing rapidly, while it is used by a very small number of people, making the competition in airdrops hunting minimal

Supported by Binance

$150 million Ecosystem fund

The Cosmos narrative is gaining significant attention.

Our Strategy:

✧ Project with confirmed airdrops are mentioned in this guide

✧ Projects in Testnet phase are mentioned as well

✧ Our goal is to become eligible for every future airdrop in the ecosystem

1) Install Keplr wallet

✧ Configure the wallet

✧ Add Injective network

2) Top-up your wallet with Injective coin

✧ Buy $INJ on any CEX

✧ Withdraw funds to your Keplr wallet address

... or use Injective official bridge
 ✧ Head to http://hub.injective.network/bridge/
✧ Bridge funds from Metamask to Injective

3)Black Panther  (X blog)

✧ Head to https://trade.blackpanther.fi/vault
✧ Make swaps
✧ Add funds to the Vaults

4) Helix (X blog )
 ✧ Head to http://helixapp.com/swap/

✧ Trade perpetuals

✧ Swap tokens

✧ Add liquidity

5) Talis Protocol ( X blog )
✧ Visit http://injective.talis.art
✧ Swap $TALIS
✧ Stake $INJ
✧ Stake $TALIS

6) Register a .inj domain name
 ✧ Head to http://inj.space.id
✧ Select a domain name you wish to register

7) Hydro Protocol ( X blog )
✧ Head to http://app.hydroprotocol.finance
 ✧ Participate in Testnet Activities
✧ Make swaps
✧ Add liquidity

8) Neptune Finance ( X blog )

✧ Head to http://inj-testnet.nept.finance

✧ Participate in Testnet Activities

✧ Lend/Borrow funds

9) Stake $INJ

✧ Head to http://hub.injective.network/staking

✧ Select a validator to stake with (I recommend to chose validators between 20 and 40)

✧ Stake $INJ


By following this strategy, your wallet will be eligible for

✧ 7+ projects airdrops

✧ Staking rewards

✧ Testnet rewards

✧ Possible future rewards for the Injected ecosystem users

Big thanks to @AlexMasonCrypto

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