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James Gillingham - scammer in finxflo and fleamint projects

James Gillingham the scammer who started the FINXFLO project. 

Now his project is not working https://www.finxflo.com/

Coach K Crypto about FINXFLO & James Gillingham

Fleamint scam too?

I think all his projects are a scam, his next project - Fleamint https://fleamint.com/#team (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER)

I shared this information so that you do not invest in this person's projects. If you have any other information indicating that the new project is a scam, write in the comments.

Be careful and make informed decisions in your investments.


Update august 30

We got good news over the weekend in one of the Gillingham cases. Not only did a majority of James' requests get denied, the judge ordered him to pay costs and security for costs which will require him to come up with about 50K within two weeks to move forward. Additionally, there was a precedence set, paving the way to allow us to have additional minority shareholder oppression claims we can file against him.

What does he do? His same antics and launches an IDO the very next day for Fleamint. What a criminal and those poor people that actually think their funds are being invested in a valid project.

6 months ago Author

tell your friends about this article so they don't get scammed

new group tg https://t.me/liquidity1group
LiquidityOne (finxflo)

6 months ago

thank u guys, scammers should be in jail

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